My Search Guru – SEO and Social Media Management

The Problem: There are over 200 million websites on the WorldWide Web, and more are added every day. How will your prospective customers and clients find your website?

The MySearchGuru team can help using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management, which includes  social media optimization, building social media profiles, targeted keyword research, inbound link building, WordPress blog design and setup,  ghost blogging, and other techniques.

What is SEO?

Natural Search Engine Optimization is the process of editing a website’s content and code in order to maximize its visibility within search engines. We build a road map from your website to the search engines, so that your product or service will be found by the right keywords.

Why Your Website Needs This

  • Higher visibility and rankings in the search engines
  • Online visibility establishes credibility
  • Allows your customers to find you by your keywords. People search by product or service, not by the name of your business

More Targeted Traffic = More Customers

Why Us?

  • We have been doing organic SEO for over 10 years
  • Our founder has been involved in social media since 1994
  • MySearchGuru is a highly ethical company and abides by the search engine guidelines
  • We have special techniques that no one else has, including the use of  social media for marketing
  • We provide manual or hand submission to the search engines and directories, and only submit to those that will accept the request
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